Friday, September 20, 2013

Comedy Block Recap: Fox Tuesday Edition

And so it begins...the onslaught of TV ads.

They're on buses, on taxis, and in the subway. They're in magazines, in the paper, and popping up on the sides of all your favorite websites. They're even being dragged behind planes over the beach! And you thought you could have your last fudgie-wudgie bar of the summer in peace.

Finally, when you thought you were safe, a tiny ad for a new series appears during a show you already don't have time to be watching.

Don't panic - DVR was invented for a reason. Plus, I'm here to help - I'll be working overtime these next few weeks so you don't have to! Today, I'm starting off with the first big batch of network premieres:  

Fox's Tuesday Night Comedy Block!

Here's the breakdown:

8PM: Dads (New)
8:30PM: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (New)
9PM: New Girl (Season 3)
9:30PM: The Mindy Project (Season 2)

I watched the whole shebang this week, so ladies and gents, lets see how they stack up!

(AKA, the show I knew I was going to hate from the start, and actually promised I wouldn't watch, but stupidly did anyway)
I don't want to say I was right, so instead I'll just say I WAS SO RIGHT OH MY GOD WOW.
This show was really bad, guys. I don't even know where to start, so I'll throw it all out there at once: Dads is behind the times, stupid, badly acted, super-racist (and a complete failure at it's attempt at being ironically so), plus it's so un-funny it actually hurts. Question: Who are these characters, and why should we care? This pilot didn't provide any answers. And with great shows being cancelled, the fact that this one made it to air drives me bananas. I only watched the whole thing because I was reviewing it, but if you can make it past the first commercial break without changing the channel, you deserve a medal of honor (or a glass of cold water in the face, because you probably just fell asleep in front of the TV). I can't stress this enough: don't waste your time. Episode Grade:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine 
(AKA the new show I was most excited about this season)
And now for something completely different! It's been a while since I've seen a pilot episode of a show that's this self-assured and funny, so I have high hopes for Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Andy Samberg is hilarious as usual, but he won't be carrying this show on his own - Terry Crews, Andre Braugher, Chelsea Peretti and the rest of the talented cast bring a lot of fun and heart to this promising cop comedy. The show still has some developing to do, so let's hope Fox allows it to grow and keeps this series on the air longer than the sweet, yet short lived Ben and Kate (which occupied this time slot last year) If not, it would be a crime (I should be arrested for that one! Hey-yo!). Episode Grade: B+

New Girl  
(AKA my favorite show on TV right now)
I was so excited for this show to return after its incredible season finale last year, that naturally I couldn't help but be a little disappointed at this otherwise fine half-hour of TV. It definitely had its moments (Winston "puzzling" in his sweatshirt pants, Paradise-Nick and Paradise-Jess' attempt at leaving their troubles behind in Mexico), but I guess I was hoping to be welcomed back into New Girl world with a little more interaction between the four roommates. Still, what do I really have to complain about? My favorite ensemble on TV is back, and I'm sure they'll hit their groove within the next few episodes. I'm really interested to see how the show deals with Schmitt's romantic problems - he can't keep juggling two ladies this whole season, but man, I wish Merritt Wever could stay for all 22 episodes - and the newly formed official Jess/Nick couple. My biggest wish is that they develop Winston even more, as the brilliant Lamorne Morris deserves some juicy plot lines of his own. Perhaps when Brenda Song finally gets released from the train wreck that is Dads, she can go back to being Winston's love interest again? Episode Grade: B Show Grade: A+ times a million

The Mindy Project   
(AKA the show I didn't like in the beginning, but recently grew to love)
I am a huge fan of Mindy Kaling - she's a comic genius who wrote some of the all time best episodes of The Office, and her book is probably one of the funniest things I've ever read - but I was so disappointed by the pilot episode of this series that I didn't initially give the show a second chance. Thankfully, I was coerced into revisiting the show and I am beyond happy that I did. Things improved a lot last season - both character and plot wise - and it's one of the only shows I consistently laugh out loud at while completely alone (my test of true sitcom greatness). This season begins with our heroine's return to her beloved New York from Haiti, and her (FIRST FIVE MINUTES SPOILER) engagement to hot minister/boyfriend, Casey (am I the only person who absolutely hates this guy?). We'll see how long that lasts though, since in other news, Danny and Christina are finally dunzo. With guest star James Franco shaking up the office, I can't wait to see what's in store for Schulman and Associates this year, but I'm definitely crossing my fingers for a Morgan/Betsy hook-up - make my dreams come true, Mindy Project! Episode Grade: -A Show Grade: B+

OVERALL: Fox's Tuesday Comedy Block would have been absolute perfection if they replaced Dads with their better fitting single-camera comedy, Raising Hope (and who knows, they still might!). Until then, just watch the last three shows for the perfect laugh-filled evening. Tuesday Night's Grade: B- (Without Dads: A)

Just one more thing for all my Dome-Heads out there!

We've finally made it! It's time for Leah's Under the Dome SEASON FINALE Recap, Week of 9/16:

"A truly gripping finale it was this week! The butterfly finally hatched within the mini dome and started creating black splotches on all of the glass - like a voodoo doll, the same thing happened to the actual dome! Everyone was shrouded in darkness, leaving viewers struggling to make out Barbie's hot facial features. During this dark chaos, Julia walked around just fine with a shot wound in her chest, and Barbie took down two guys while wearing handcuffs! (Maybe he's used to performing feats while handcuffed...? Ok, I went too far). Amazingly the mini dome crumbled and the butterfly emerged to land on Julia - apparently SHE is the crowned monarch from the prophecy! In a practical progression of events, an alien thing communicates to the kids via Nori's deceased mom's body. At the end, we are left with Barbie dashingly standing at the gallows (Big Jim built a noose of course) while Julia made pink stars shoot in the sky when she threw the black mini egg in the lake. This was very reminiscent of the elderly lady in Titanic throwing the necklace in the water, and just as awkward...Obviously due to this amazing plot line, I can't wait for the show to return! Who am I kidding? My viewing is dependent upon Barbie's presence heating up the screen. He better survive the gallows in the next season!"

Until next summer Under the Dome, and thanks for taking one for the team, Leah!

How will NBC's Thursday Comedy Block compare? Check back later this month to find out!

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