Friday, June 13, 2014

Inside Amy Schumer - Season 2 Sketch Countdown

Sadly, another fantastic season of Inside Amy Schumer has come to a close. But while the past ten episodes flew by way too fast, I'm ecstatic to report that the show has been renewed for a third season!
Cheers, ladies!

Comedy Central has slowly become my favorite destination for new programming (Broad City, Key and Peele, Drunk History, Review, I mean, come on!) and I love that they are embracing talented female comedians like Schumer, providing a space on TV for their unique voices to be heard. Amy's first season was hilarious, but this year, she took it to a whole new level, combining her signature absurdist style with subversive views on everything from sex, to relationships, to how women are portrayed in the media. Schumer is certainly not afraid to broach topics that are often taboo, and like some of my other lady comic heroines, she doesn't mind making herself look bad (or insane) for the sake of a great bit. With so many female celebrities misunderstanding the definition of feminism lately (educate yourselves ladies! Don't even get me started, but feminism is NOT a dirty word!) it's refreshing and much needed to see an example of feminist comedy at it's very best. Plus, I love to see a fellow Long Islander getting the success and respect she deserves. Good fa' you, Amy. Not fa' nothin', but you're a real pissa**.

**pissa (n) someone who makes you laugh so hard you pee yourself.

Haven't gone Inside Amy yet? No worries - check out my list of the 9 best sketches of the season (plus my favorite "Amy Goes Deep" segment featuring the most charming, bad-ass 106-year-old woman you'll ever meet). Watch Amy tackle pointed critiques of everything from video games to food guilt to Aaron Sorkin below.

Chrissy Teigen, Couples Counselor

The FoodRoom

Animal Rescue Hotline

Click here to watch on Comedy Central

Video Game
Click here to watch on ComedyCentral

A Couple Chooses A Movie

I'm So Bad

Click here to watch on Huffington Post

A Chick Who Can Hang

Click here to watch on Comedy Central
Mom Computer Therapy


Click here to watch on Comedy Central
Amy Goes Deep - 106 year old

Want more Amy? Check out all of Season 2, currently available on most on demand platforms and Hulu Plus at the time of this writing.

Orphan Black Recap: We're coming to the end of the season (nooooo!) so of course there's bound to be some last minute surprises. Turns out, a new clone is among us! And (SPOILER) his name is Tony! That's right - we've got our first trans-clone of the bunch and he's looking for Beth. After Felix, Art, and Sarah meet him and fill him in on his true identity and Beth's death, Tony gives them this cryptic message from his now deceased partner in crime (and possible monitor), Sammy: "Tell Beth to keep the faith. Paul's like me. He's in on it. He's a ghost." WHAT? Paul, you tricky bastard. WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?? Meanwhile, Alison bonds with Donnie over being tricked, Rachel lies about Leekie's cause of death, but discovers from her father that the clones were designed to be barren, (therefore Sarah was a technical "failure" hmmm...) and subsequently trashes her office in frustration. Cosima is still not doing well, but it looks like things have cooled off between her and Delphine, now that she knows her secret Kira stem cells were only meant to help. Hopefully more questions will be answered in the final two episodes to come - I'm sick of being in the dark, OB!

Next Week: Everyone's favorite undercover beach bums are back! I'm returning to Graceland for the start of Season 2 for more don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-it action (and hot guys surfing, so who could complain?). See you then!

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